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Up in “The Cheap Seats”, Ryan Christoffersen and Kenyaé Collins bring you their unique perspective on the latest in the sports & entertainment world, all while mixing in some corny humor along the way. #EmbraceTheCorny

Ryan is a devoted sports nerd fighting chronic social awkwardness one step at a time. Born in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, Ryan spent his middle and high school days in Verona, Wisconsin. Despite his time spent in Wisconsin, Ryan has never wavered when it came to following and rooting for his favorite Chicago sports teams! Ryan's passion for sports has never been in question, and in fact, has actually continued to grow as he continues to learn more about sports media and himself along the way.

Kenyaé is a goofy, sports and pop culture loving young lady who is beginning to learn a lot more about herself each and every day. Born in Kankakee, Illinois, Kenyaé spent her childhood with her big brother and boy cousins who made it easier to know about sports without even trying! There was no way to escape from sports even when she got older, as she began to love and be involved in Track & Field in both high school and in college. But even with her busy athletic schedule, she still always found the time to watch her beloved Chicago Bulls.

Whether it is Ryan bringing you down memory lane with “This Week in Chicago Sports History” or Kenyaé bringing her knowledge and personal experience to talk about the latest news on Track & Field in her segment “Stay on Track”, or maybe you just enjoy Ryan nerding out on stats & info and Kenyaé professing her undying love for D Rose and Beyoncé. There is one thing that is for certain: You know “The Cheap Seats” has got you covered when it comes to sports & entertainment!

Join us in “The Cheap Seats” from 2 to 4pm every Wednesday on and on Facebook Live from the CSR page.

Together Ryan & Kenyaé show you that the view from “The Cheap Seats” may actually be the best view of all, one corny joke at a time... #EmbraceTheCorny

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