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About the Show:

You can tune in each week, on Wednesday’s from 4:00p-6:00p (CST), right here on to hear (and see on Facebook Live) Amber and her sidekick, Joe Kessenich, on “The Her and Him Show!” An animated dialogue offering a duo (male/female) perspective on all things Chicago sports and beyond. Her benchmark segments are #AmbersHotwire (will give you a weekly fill on the top trending stories of the week) and newly added #VitaminA with your fit model Amber J (offering weekly insight to our listeners about highly recommended fitness and nutritional tips). For everything you should be keeping up with on TV or streaming, tune in for Joe's signature "Binge on It." Joe and Amber appreciate you listening…please follow them on Twitter @herandhimshow and offer them a like on Facebook at: The Her and Him Show; Amber’s social media channels are as follows: Twitter - @the1AmberJ, Facebook - /EpicAmberJ, Instagram – AmberJ4949, and Snapchat – EpicAmberJ. Drop her a line, she loves to share your comments on air…don’t miss all the fun Wednesday afternoons on “The Her and Him Show with Amber and Joe!”

About Amber:

Born in San Francisco, Amber Johnson has been a Bay Area sports fanatic and multi-sport athlete all her life. She is also no stranger to the [singing-dancing-musical theater] performing arts world either and has a few other titles that “bling” to her credit (former Miss Marin County, Miss San Francisco, Ms. California and Ms. American Woman). Amber’s passion for sports was engrained from birth due in large part to her late mother, Marcy, who raised Amber and her twin brother, Casey, to be die-hard 49ers faithful. Coming of age in a richly diverse area like the Bay, Amber grew to love not only spectating the five-time Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers but would be in the stands rooting on all of the Bay Area Teams – the reigning world champion Golden State Warriors, three-time World Series champion San Francisco Giants, three-time Lombardi owning Oakland Raiders, nine-time champion Oakland Athletics and the recently earned Stanley Cup champion San Jose Sharks!

Amber earned her undergraduate degree at San Jose State University from the school of social work but always knew her passion was in front of the camera in the TV and radio arenas. She worked for (formerly) ClearChannel Radio in San Francisco before moving to Las Vegas and then on to Los Angeles. Ms. Johnson got her first certificate in TV/radio broadcasting while in Las Vegas and applied this knowledge to the small and silver screens through her background work on myriad of major, long-running television shows as well a couple motion pictures. After losing her mother very suddenly and tragically, she knew her lane was destined to take her to the TV sports media world. Amber found the Illinois Media School through researching distinguished broadcasting programs and landed here in Chicago to concentrate on her master’s emphasis. Ms. Johnson is due to graduate and enter the fierce world of sports media at the end of April 2018.

From the tender age of six, Amber grew into her physical nature as a young gymnast. She then dipped into the recreational pool as a stout backstroke swimmer, aimed a shot at basketball and finally found her niche as a competitive cheerleader (high school and collegiate, SJSU) and short-distance, hurdle-winning track star. Altogether, while balancing a very dynamic run in musical theater and achieving a plethora of merits as a trained, soprano vocalist!

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