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“Deep in the Dugout” is a show all about the current news and topics surrounding Major League Baseball. Ryan Christoffersen and Demetri “Big Meech” Verros bring you unparalleled baseball coverage with their research, observations, and insight from guests based all around the country. Together these two Chicagoans also bring you a perspective from both the northside (Ryan) and the southside (Big Meech) of Chicago, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind with everything else that is happening around the game of baseball.

Ryan is a devoted sports nerd fighting chronic social awkwardness one step at a time. Born in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, Ryan spent his middle and high school days in Verona, Wisconsin. Despite his time spent in Wisconsin, Ryan never wavered when it came to following and rooting for his favorite Chicago sports teams. Ryan’s love for baseball started way back when he was a kid playing “Backyard Baseball 2003” every day, throwing around a wiffle ball in his cousin’s backyard, and following that magical 2003 Chicago Cubs season.

Demetri “Big Meech” Verros eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball. Despite growing up in Chicago’s Northwest Suburb of Arlington Heights and  attending Buffalo Grove High School, Meech is a South Sider when it comes to baseball. Being a Sox fan has always been a huge piece of Meech’s identity. Demetri played baseball through his childhood and is always down for a pick up game or a 2 hour conversation! From the ‘05 World Series Champion Sox, to the current rebuild, Meech has seen it all and will continue to bleed black!

While Ryan and Big Meech do have that natural built in rivalry in the Red Line series with the Cubs and Sox, this is not a show with two rivals shouting at each other. “Deep in the Dugout” aims to bring you smart baseball talk along with having a ton of fun talking about america’s favorite pastime! Join us on “Deep in the Dugout” on and on Facebook Live from the CSR page every Monday from 2 to 4pm for a fresh new perspective on the game of baseball!

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