The Streak is Busted! Winning Ways Return vs Knicks!

After a tough seven game losing streak, the Windy City Bulls made a nice comeback to defeat the Westchester Knicks 113-102 at the Sears Centre Arena. Bobby Portis, who was just assigned to play for the WC Bulls, did what many expected and dominated the game.
Portis led all scorers with 32 points, while also grabbing nine boards. Paul Zipser, who was called to the WC Bulls for a third time, also joined in on the parade of points, dropping 18 points, with he too, collecting nine rebounds.
Portis is expected to be called back up to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday which was reported before the game. After his stellar performance, the chance just got much higher that this will occur.
Among the regulars, Aaron Thomas continued to do what he has done most of the season which is be the most valuable scorer on the team. He poured in 17 points, despite the great play of Portis and Zipser.
This speaks volumes on his consistency. No matter who’s on the roster, he still remains arguably the team’s most dangerous offensive weapon.
One of the things that helped out the Bulls also, was the fact that Jordan Crawford of the Knicks, went 0-11 from the field. The 5’6” Crawford can be a dangerous scorer, and he was neutralized by Portis and the Bulls.
They couldn’t slow down one of the D-League’s hottest shooters in Chassen Randle (Averaging 21 points per game), but it didn’t matter, as the Bulls fire power was too much on a freezing evening. Again, the Bulls win this one to push themselves a little closer to getting out of last place, and they bust the seven game losing streak.
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